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David Tingley

After serving three years in the Canadian Navy as a Ships Diver, David moved to Calgary and began his Automotive Career in 1984 as a Toyota Service Advisor. He soon moved to the Sales Department of a sister store and was among the first to sell the Hyundai Pony.

Over the next two decades he held many positions in several franchises including Honda, Passport, General Motors, and Chrysler where he was Dealer Principal of one of the largest and most successful stores in Canada, finishing 2004 ranked 15th in the nation in overall profitability.

Prior to founding N49Labs in 2007 David held various senior positions; Sales Manager, Service Manager, General Sales Manager, General Manager, and Controller. He has extensive experience in Administration, Fixed Operations, Sales Management, and Automotive Marketing. David also served two years as a Member of the Board of Directors for the British Columbia Chrysler Dealers Advertising Association, ending his tenure there as Vice President in 2005.

David is a passionate proponent of personal growth and “Life Long Learning” He has dedicated much time to “elevate the collective level of professionalism” at every store he has been involved through training and coaching. He has attended many seminars over the years including Brian Tracy, Dave Anderson, Randy Sobel, and Anthony Robins Mastery University.

David Tingley and Family in Kona Hawaii January 2012

David lives with his wife Tracey in Redwater Alberta, Wheaton Settlement New Brunswick,  and Kona Hawaii. They have three grown children. He is an avid reader.

During the last several years working in the retail side of the car business David became very interested in online marketing. As a Car Dealer and Marketing Executive he observed how traditional forms of advertising were becoming less effective and increasingly expensive. He sought a means by which a small Dealer with limited resources could “level the playing field” and compete with larger stores by leveraging little known tools and processes being used successfully in other industries.

He developed a marketing strategy, combining these new tools with an innovative process, that drove unprecedented numbers of Internet leads, Sales Calls, and Showroom Traffic.