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I was late to the party with facebook advertising.  In my opinion and experience as an FCA Dealer, facebook was NOT a direct response marketing platform. In fact, it seemed like a monumental waste of time.  




That changed for me in October 2015 when I decided to make a fb post regarding a factory recall of the Ram 1500… [continue reading…]


Free iPhone Video + Facebook = Leads

100,000 plus fb video viewsAny dealer not using videos today will have a difficult time catching those who are…  (Seriously, what are you waiting for?)

Here’s another example of what can be done with an iPhone and a couple sales guys. Total production time (including upload to Facebook) 15 minutes.

Total cost of this video production was zero.

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what-does-this-ad-sayIf you’re a Dodge Dealer and don’t know what “Custom Audiences” are or you’ve heard about them and were wondering how they can actually help your store sell more rides, this short video will answer a lot of questions.

Imagine having a list of all Ram owners within one hundred miles of your dealership the day FCA announces zero percent financing for 84 months or 25% off MSRP on 2016 models.

Not just a list of the Ram owners in your data base.


Watch the video and find out how we did that at n49Labs.

Visit the Facebook Post.

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250_000_views_-_six_sales_-_massive_engagement_-_from_a_sucker__Who ever said you can’t sell cars on Facebook should have a look at some of the HUNDREDS of Shares, Likes, and Comments on the post below.

Yep, Social Media is Messy.

And for me, it’s now also  THE NUMBER ONE source of DELIVERIES at my Dodge dealership.

(I’m not talking about views, engagement, clicks, eyeballs, or leads.)  DOWN THE ROAD.

If you’d like to know how we’re doing it, let me know and I’ll tell you. (I’ll show you)


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Google Reviews | Do’s and Don’ts for Car Dealers

I wonder how many dealers have looked at their online reviews recently and asked?

 “Hey ! Where’d they all go?”

If you are one of them, you’re not alone. It seems the automotive industry was hit particularly hard with this most recent round of changes to Google reviews over the summer.

One of our clients sent us a link to a blog post by a large Suzuki Dealer in the USA who went from over 400 reviews to just 9. Below is the link to the full story.

[continue reading…]


Machines Don’t Buy Cars

Robot buying a car.I’ve been reading a lot lately about all the awesome software and tools available to help car dealers automate their link building activity to generate more traffic to their websites. (Dealers often forward me “pitches” they receive. I see several of these each month).

“They” say technology has made it possible for a small dealer in rural Saskatchewan to create an online presence that looks much like a big city dealer in Calgary or Edmonton. [continue reading…]


WWBBD: What Would Billy Beane Do?

Billy Beane

Billy Beane (Wikipedia.org)

In 2002 Oakland A’s General Manager turned the world of baseball upside down by applying “SaberMetrics” to the squad selection process.

For those who’ve yet to see Moneyball, it’s the true story of how Billy Beane, (played by Brad Pitt in the movie),  transformed “average” players and “benchwarmers” into what became one of the most winning teams in baseball history.

If Mr. Beane were putting together an Internet sales team today, I wonder which metrics he would consider most important ? [continue reading…]


How Do You Pay Your Internet Sales Manager?

Pay Plan Internet Sales ManagerDealer:  “I want to give the Sales Managers at my dealership a new pay plan.”

Me: “Why?”

Dealer:  “Because I want to help motivate them to close more deals and sell more cars.”

Me:  “And you believe you can accomplish this with a new pay plan?”

Dealer:  “Yes.”

Me:  ‘Why do you believe that?” [continue reading…]

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Where's the robot dude at the front of the line going?Not all that long ago it wasn’t difficult to have your dealership ranking well on  search engines. Few dealers were doing any search engine marketing. Those who did, easily found the top of the page.

Today the SEO and PPC “experts” seem to outnumber car dealers.

The days of being able to just write a cheque to an Automotive SEO company, (or your website vendor), to get ranked will soon end. (It already has in some Canadian Markets).

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been in the business long enough to remember how things were before Craig Newmark came along and forever changed the world of local classified advertising. [continue reading…]


What’s It Going To Take?

Every dealer I speak with who wants to dial up their Internet sales will eventually ask me some variation of the following questions;

“What do I need in order to dominate my local market online? What’s it going to take to make this thing fly? ”

“An Evangelist “

[continue reading…]