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What’s It Going To Take?

Every dealer I speak with who wants to dial up their Internet sales will eventually ask me some variation of the following questions;

“What do I need in order to dominate my local market online? What’s it going to take to make this thing fly? ”

“An Evangelist “

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Fire Him. Wait. Give Him a Raise.

You're Fired


“My dealership has a closing ratio of 5% on leads. Is my Internet Sales Manager doing a bad job?”


“That depends. Tell me more.” [continue reading…]


Canadian Car Dealers, A Dead Guy, and YouTube

G.K. ChestertonWhen this guy died in 1936 he already knew more than most car dealers in Canada today do about how to make a great YouTube video review.

“But Dave, YouTube wasn’t invented until 2005. What could this old dude possibly have known that we don’t?”

His name was G.K. Chesterton and he famously said,

“Anything worth doing is worth doing badly, until you get it right”

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Start With the A’s – Ask Them All to Buy a Car

Phone BookIn 1986 I was a new salesman working at a Hyundai dealership in Calgary.

Although there were a lot of people buying the new Pony in 86, (the msrp was around $6,000), there were also a lot of salesmen at the store. The competition for ups and sales calls was extreme.

My first day on the job I watch a few Joe Girard videos, was issued a d-plate, and got a desk in a dark windowless office at the back of the showroom, (which I shared with another new guy).

When I finished watching the training videos I asked my manager where I should start.

He pointed to the phone book and said,

“Start with the A’s.  Call everybody. Ask them all to buy a car” [continue reading…]

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You’re the Internet Sales Manager at a Mazda store in Edmonton .

You’re one of those guys who needs to see what’s happening with all leads so you set up a text alert to notify you every time one arrives.

It’s very late when you here the familiar chime from your iPhone.

You glance down at your watch.

It’s one minute to midnight… [continue reading…]


Every Internet Lead is a Car Deal – Right ?

A.C.E. System - AmazonAutoNationA Sales Manager at a Ford Dealership once asked me;

“Dave, in your experience, what percentage of Internet shoppers who send an e-Lead to our store will buy a car?”

“All of them. 100%”

Good salespeople know they will close a certain percentage of their prospects.

The really good ones can tell you exactly how many people they need to speak with each day / week / month to reach their sales and income objectives.

What about the Great ones? [continue reading…]


Eagle HeadYou’re the Dealer Principal of a Dodge dealership in Winnipeg.

It’s 3:07 pm on a Tuesday afternoon.

You’ve had an exceptional  busy day and are running late.

You’re on your way out of the showroom to catch a 5:00 pm flight to Toronto for a 20 group meeting when your iPhone vibrates for what seems like the 63rd time today. [continue reading…]

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Internet Sales – How Does Your Dealership Keep Score?

How Do You Keep Score?Most Sales Managers today do a pretty good job tracking Internet leads. They know how many came in, who the leads were assigned to, and how many ended up as stickers on the board.

There are however other important metrics that should be tracked in order to better manage the flow of leads to the team, (and spot the “Eagles” in your organization). [continue reading…]


Google Reviews & Car Dealers – What Would Iacocca Do?


What Would Iacocca Do?One of the most common question I’m asked by Car Dealers today is, “How do we handle negative online reviews”?

While I’ve spent plenty of time trying to come up with an answer that would fit nicely into an FAQ on my blog, the fact is, this is not a difficult question. (Although much has been written on the topic that could lead one to believe otherwise).

Why has the subject of bad online reviews become such a big deal for Car Dealers this past year? [continue reading…]